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Why did we create the solar schoolbag ?

Millions of children around the world still live without access to a stable energy source, mostly with no light. And yet, the sun is abundant in these regions! In Africa, 1 out of 2 still do not have access to electricity, i.e. about 600 million people, including 300 million children.

Bringing light can change children's future !

October 2018 :

Orega team went to Senegal to test the first prototype of the solar schoolbag in real conditions. That's when we really realized the positive impact that a stable light source could have in the daily lives of children.

At nightfall, without light, impossible to read, impossible to write, impossible to open up to the world.

Providing a schoolchild with a source of light increases his study time by up to 60% and thus his academic success. Light has the power to change their future!

Solar schoolbag Wabag

Robust and of high quality, the solar schoolbag WABAG remains faithful to the creative spirit of Maison OREGA. This schoolbag offers a regular light source (4 to 6 hours) after a full recharge in the sun.

It can also be transformed into a mobile workstation thanks to its flat opening.Inserted in the upper part, the solar module is composed of an LED lamp and a battery that recharges itself in the sun.


Bringing light can change a child's future !

Remise du cartable lumière par l'équipe OREGA dans un village au SénégalNovembre 2019 :

During our 2nd trip, we met Khadija again, a year after our first meeting. A moment rich in emotions! During which she shared with us her desire to become a doctor.

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Each bag Orega sold helps finance the creation and distribution of a solar schoolbag.

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