Inspired by the art of Origami folding, the art of beauty with simplicity, OREGA revisits leather goods by creating bold designs that are aligned with the times.
"Wearing an item of high-quality leather goods from Maison Orega means highlighting the age-old work of craftsmen, choosing a long lasting product and helping to fight against the energy exclusion of children."

MAISON OREGA reflects our shared desire for a different approach to design, with a strong artistic influence.

Because we believe sustainability goes hand in hand with product quality, we have chosen to collaborate with french workshops to produce premium items.

By changing codes, we want to have a positive impact and give meaning to what we do. Orega Teams has been shaping a Solidarity Program named "Wabag", to give purpose to purchase.

Each Orega bag is financing the distribution of a solar schoolbag to a child living without access to electricity.