Democratize and sublimate French craft and leather under a strong creative vision.

Our Story
Les sacs OREGA sont fabriqués en France dans une atelier certifié Entreprise du patrimoine vivant (EPV)
Le sac à main Twisty directement inspiré de l'univers floral. Une prouesse artistique. Un style audacieux et hors norme.

Be audacious !


Already a best seller signed Orega. inspired by the floral lexicon and its transposition into an exceptional object.
Undeniably feminine and bold !

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Getting out of the consensus


In turn rock, chic, casual, working-girl and why not look bohemian...the Lovely handbag will adapt to all aspects of your style and personality.

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Le sac à main OREGA Lovely Blue porté avec style casual chic.

Out of standard

Twisty Limited Edition

Let yourself be seduced by a special edition.

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